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Living Zencuda means you are…
  • Merged
  • Aligned
  • Confident
  • Powerful
  • Connected
  • Healthy
  • Successful

Zencuda is an energy!

It’s the power within a person who has come to understand that truly living means forging the souls’ purpose by creating a unique connection with the power that lives within. This extends through all areas of our life — career, relationships, and self-care. They are all connected by what deeply aligns with our soul’s purpose. When we find this balance, we are living Zencuda.

Motivation And Goals



When we talk about romantic love we often describe our longing for the ‘butterflies”.  That heady, decadent energy  which rolls up our body and lands…
November 24, 2019

Balance Your Body

Feed Your Soul

Soul Space

Time is Sacred

When you reach the point of humility where your heart is in complete service to the world there are things that become very clear. Stepping…
March 30, 2020


We’re all so unique, yet all so alike in the fact that we can bring something to the world.

Hire Georgia to speak at your corporate event. Georgia Rose is available for group talks and lectures as a motivational speaker. Topics range from mindfulness to self-realization and practical applications of spirituality and balance to daily living.

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A philosophy, a lifestyle, an experience, an embodiment of a feeling

— It’s a way of life.