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The frustrating and cranky energy of Mars square Saturn remains. ( see detailed post below) But now the Sun is in Virgo making us industrious, detail focused and wanting to move forward. Mars is gassing up our jets so we want to get things done but Saturn is like a bunch of super high speed bumps at 7/11, slowing us up when we just want to run in and get our coffee! Sigh! Mercury is picking up the Virgo energy and energized by a fussy Sun may have us blurting out criticism or standing up for ourselves with words we have held back far too long. California isn’t the only place with wild fires burning this week! We all have a frustration that boils into passion wherever the placement of our Aries house in the chart. Later in the week Venus plays with us and on the 30th opposes Pluto – so whatever or whoever you are passionate about will come to light and can no longer be hidden. Fire can burn and destroy or be harnessed to feed and give energy. Where are you burning? How will you use your fire? To burn and scorch or to bring energy and assertion to your passionate goals? This energy can be overwhelming and in the lower octave frustrate and burn us out. But harnessed with love (venus) and strategy ( Mercury) in a higher octave we can use it to accomplish more than ever before. The key is to exercise patience. This is a week for planning and preparing and observing. The time is not yet right for executing the direction of our passions. Slow and steady wins this race! For More tune in to the Zencuda Soul Space podcast 6:30 Thursdays