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Written March 7, 2020

I study Astrology as one of the pathways to Spiritual insight and growth because of its ability to make logic out of the unknown. The Corona virus is a perfect example. Sine January in my videos and posts I speak frequently about the Pluto/Saturn conjunction(2 planets close together) in Capricorn. The last time Pluto/Saturn came together (in Libra) was in 1982 when we had the HIV AIDS epidemic. The last time Pluto was conjunct Saturn in Capricorn was 1518. The year Martin Luther changed the course of history with the Protestant reformation. You can google Pluto/Saturn transits through history to see the drastic changes that always occur during them. In fact the tragedy of 9/11 happened during a Pluto Saturn transit.
Pluto is death and sex and transformation. It’s modus operandi is “something must die to be transformed”. It is our deepest fears come to life so we must face them to ultimately triumph and change through triumph and empowerment. Saturn teaches us through limitation showing us the error of our ways so we become more mature and respectful of something  we tend to indulge or disrespect, Saturn the “taskmaster” makes us appreciate what we take for granted often thru the loss of it.

In Capricorn this will be influencing structure, financial systems and long term things like government and belief systems.

So what has happened as a result of this virus? People are dying but there has been a chain reaction across the globe. It started in a huge financial center of the world. It has us questioning structure and authority and the way the governments are handling the outbreak. What is truth and what is not? It has the financial markets and economy changing causing fear and reflection on the future structure of our economy. It has caused shortages to deprive us of things we took for granted. It has made us question what information is truth. It has caused us to isolate in fear as events and public places are shuttered.

This forces us to spend time with ourselves and take stock.

Even though many are infected with the virus it is reported to be recovered from in most cases yet all these things are amplifying out of fear. We have had many plagues and illness effect the world in the past 2 centuries( Sars, Ebola, Swine Flu, Polio) and beyond without implications of this magnitude yet this is quickly spinning to be a massive cog in the wheel of a new world order.
The Universe and planets are supporting it for our benefit. Not only because of Saturn /Pluto in Capricorn but because Jupiter is in Capricorn as well as the South Node. Jupiter is a planet that expands whatever it touches so it is amplifying this energy to spin bigger. The south node represents the lesson we have yet to learn, repeated over lifetimes because it is the comfort of familiarity, and we just can’t seem to “let go and get it”…., A perfect storm for what is happening now.

A wasteful and overindulgent society with heads buried in fantasy media and technology forced back to basics through isolation, deprivation and fear…..hmmm….

Added to this is Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is sudden explosive happenings it is quick silver and lightening. Events that move quick and take us by surprise. In Taurus, Uranus has to do with earthy things – food supply, basic comforts and teaching us through shortage and deprivation, so we learn innovative and new ways to process and make do the things we need. It is being and creating resources to sustain ourselves by utilizing everything to the fullest. No waste.
I think we still have much to learn. This will be around for awhile. It depends on how quickly we as a collective understand the lesson.

This virus isn’t about a germ causing us to be sick. Its about a new world order.

This is about structures falling and us breaking out of our complacency and taking responsibility for sustaining our own space and needs. It is encouraging us to be resourceful rely on our own ability not mass information and production. Most importantly it is raising fear so we can no longer deny its heartbeat. We must face fear and use it as an illumination to cooperation and love. It is through our innovation and resourcefulness when SHARED we become powerful. Replace competition with cooperation and learn that love is the connection that creates the cure and antidote for this chaos. This is about empowering and overturning the status quo, in the world and in our personal lives.

A quiet revolution where one by one we see the truth – its not the Corona virus we should fear it is man’s reaction to it. 

The governments will create quarantine and isolation, it is the ultimate control. and although will appear altruistic it is also motivated by personal gains. People in power will exploit this for gain.  We will be unduly influenced.  After all if we as a people think for ourselves and become self sustaining and resourceful we will create a change in the status quo of world order. Any change is a demotion for those running the world now. Breeding competition and promoting derision creates followers.  And I believe the only one you should follow is creator.
The Coronavirus is an axiom for change.

Will we learn this time? Its up to each of us. #healtheworld #belove #thinkharder #zencuda #zlight #quietrevolution #beindependant #followursoul #