Evolving to become spiritual and have a practice devoted to expanding the light within us should not be separated or categorized into appropriate parts. Whether we are in the company of like minded “spiritual” friends or judge mental co workers, people who chuckle when we talk about astrology, or eye roll when we speak of meditation- it should not change who we are. When we reveal our spirituality with restriction, our light becomes diminished and we become separated from our true self. Whether that happens for a moment or habitually, it harms us. Restricting our natural beliefs and spirituality is a self inflicted form of imprisonment. The purpose of spirituality is to create a reality where we are free, in union with ourselves and authentic in the truth of who we are.

When we merge all of our selves including the spiritual part with our authentic self we become very powerful. Our light shines full and bright and we begin to manifest the things that reflect our true self. A life of our hearts desires begins to take form because we are flowing and doing what comes natural to us. The universe responds in kind to that vibe and suddenly our lives take on a joy and synchronization of miraculous quality.
Living Zencuda simply means living in the authentic light of your spirit everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. Free, Aligned, Merged and in your power!