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Let Go of Outdated Commitments & Attune To the New

We revisit the Capricorn/ Cancer axis so prominent for most of 2020 as our gorgeous Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates us on June 24, 2021. Capricorn is the energy of our outer world, our structures and what we give the value of stability to. Often we over assess these values or fall under the illusion that they are much more needed for our survival than they really are. We may even find ourselves worshipping them in some way, afraid to be parted from what we think is our security, but in effect has been our restriction. Meditate on structures and realize it is where we assimilate and identify with our “integrity”. Whatever house Capricorn falls into in your chart represents this in your life, perhaps its, money, school , a job or the institution of marriage and certain relationships that are in truth not supporting self love. Cancer is the energy of our inner security its asks us to reflect on the source of your personal integrity from within. – the warm place we believe we need to source our being. When these 2 energies are illuminated as now with the Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon, we may be pushed to reflect on what outer authority we give to much credence too. We are guided to the clarity of what authentically feeds our inner needs and allows us to step into our own authority from deep within our soul. These reflections shatter illusion, and bring change as we reset boundaries to step into a higher form of integrity for ourselves. Let go of your outdated modes of operation, that were brought to light during the eclipses to align you with your new vibration. This is your truth in action.

Judgements will rear their ugly head here. As boundaries shift just like the tectonic plates of earth, vibration changes and things spew forth.

Remember to stay in your new structure of integrity. How you are judged can compel you to judge and taint your view of your new found truth for yourself and your own authority. The truth is real and when we are in alignment whatever is within us, is reflected in our outer world. Cancer/ Capricorn is the essence of this. What is our true “home” our authentic alignment is reflected back once we live it.

When we respond without judgement we create space for more integrity.

The grand fire trine on the heels of this eclipse – Mars in Leo, South Node in Sagittarius, Chiron in Aries will give us a desire to actualize new ways as we push through old beliefs that have held us back from stepping into the new.

The mystic rectangle aspect of Mars, South Node, Saturn and the North Node also emphasizes this energy to give us the bravery we need to explore new perspectives.

This is a great time to use nature to ground you and show you the symbolism and signs for new growth. Especially powerful now is the energy of sunrise and sunset which gently heralds the new, the change, the shift, with a beauty and grace that is void of all judgement. Let it’s magnificent colors bring new color to your world.

In the next post June 26th Venus Enters Leo. How will this play out for us?

Happy Moon Blessings,
Georgia Rose
Founder Zencuda
Psychic Astrologer
Influential Being