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We all know that devastating feeling of loss when something goes horribly wrong.  When dread and surprise drops through us like a hot knife it is always  followed by a numbing disbelief.

I have often thought that numbing disbelief was a divine intervention.

A suspended moment for us to catch our breath, lest we  choke on a twist of fate, the universe has jammed down our throat.   Those moments of devastation – the unfortunate  diagnosis, the long term partner with a sudden and inexplicable need to leave, the secure job that is ripped away, etc…may all be different circumstance but they  leave us feeling the same.  We feel shock, devastating loss and often angry or victimized. We are left wondering “How did this happen”?  We are taught it’s not our fault, that things just happen and it’s how we deal with them that shows our true character. I believe that is true… to an extent.

As Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn this January 12, 2020 for the first time in 500 years it has me thinking.

It got me thinking about loss and circumstances and the old “how could this happen scenario”.  Saturn the lord of Karma, the keeper of the “status quo “ and structure meets Pluto the transformer, who believes something must die to transform are about to battle.  A match that is as old as time itself – permanence vs. impermanence.    That age old conflict that is the supreme illusion. We humans fight for permanency and use longevity as a symbol of strength, when in fact nothing is permanent and our whole existence is based on the cycle of impermanence.

I feared this cosmic event, wondering how it would bring devastating consequence to my life and on the world stage, and then I got real.  I thought about that question – the classic one we always ask after devastation ,

How could this happen?” 

We always ask that question, shaking our head in disbelief and disgust. And I realized it is not a rhetorical question after all,  but one we need to answer. How do things happen and what part do we play in these devastations that befall us?

And the answer is in the things we give shelter to.

What do we give shelter too.  The draw bridge to our castle comes down for many reasons and we give safe harbor to all sorts of  things. Some of which are based in truth and some of which are based in illusions. Our habits and indulgences, the people who surround us, the place where we choose to work, even where we choose to live are all things we give shelter to.  Like good little  Gardeners, we feed and water and keep adjusting the light to nourish these living breathing things. We allow them to keep growing stronger under our nurturing hand.  They keep growing until it’s time for harvest.  Their Harvest  is our moment of truth.  When the things that we have nurtured are ready to shed their shelter and harvest  they birth forth with great explosion, they have the power to destroy us or construct us.  We can harvest good things that empower and bring rewards. Healthy relationships, work we enjoy, healthy habits for body and mind and most importantly our connection to a higher source, things that aid and support us in thriving.

But , We often also give shelter and nourish illusions that will destroy us , the detrimental relationships we tolerate, the job that drains our joy, the excessive diet or substances that make us sick and unable to actualize our highest being.  All the things we hold onto so tightly thinking they keep us safe, put us in dis -ease . We long so for permanence and structure we hold on to the wrong things trying to obtain it.  These things are only illusions of truth and will eventually have the power to destroy you if you keep sheltering them.

The next time you ask “How could this happen?” The answer may be “Because I gave it shelter and allowed it to grow so big as to destroy me”!

That is 2020 summed up in a nutshell. The universe is giving us a transit of planets to put us in deep thinking and motivate action for change.

Take a look around the castle – sweep the corners clean. It’s time to shelter and grow the things that support and nourish your beautiful soul. It is time for change to be actuated within you! What is putting you in dis-ease and what empowers you? Bear in mind nothing in this life is meant to be permanent and those “status quos” we tolerate are slowly taking us down. It is through impermanence and change that we seek and find higher ground. The only thing that endures and is permanent in this life is your relationship with your soul and the connection of a higher power.

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction will bring us the harvest we deserve based on what we have sheltered. This is your truth reflected back at you. As what you have given shelter to explodes into birth, so will you be birthed. At times you may feel dark and restricted as you pass through the birth canal and meet head on what you have allowed to seek shelter in your castle. But do not let fear keep your journey at bay, instead allow it to light your way.  Make friends with your fear – it has a purpose. The purpose of fear is to awaken and enlighten you to the things that will ultimately be your salvation and confirmation. Embrace the impermanence of life to lead you to beautiful new places!

Yes , only give shelter to that which will grow you stronger.

The most important of which is your connection to a higher source of power.

Peace and love, Georgia Rose