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We humans are born with a trust meter. It’s variable speeds seem to fluctuate throughout our lives .  In vitro it’s set on high as we only know the protection and the unconditional love of creation and creator.  We are such happy creatures floating in the womb. But as soon as we are ignited into life with bright lights and groping hands  our hold over our trust meter slips and we find the icy claw of fear holding the dial.

From that moment on our ability to trust is controlled by how much fear we have in our life force.

Fear is ugly yet necessary. We avoid it at all costs, often to the point of denying us what we desire more than anything.

When we avoid fear we also avoid its rewards. Yes, reward.  I’m not just talking about the heady feeling of accomplishment we get when we finally break through something. Of course it’s great to, run the marathon, get the degree, learn to scuba dive or jump out of a plane. But there is a much greater reward under fear.

Each of us is born with a unique gift. A reason we are here and something we are given to share with the world.    This thing could be big or small. But when we do it, we feel timeless, blissful,protected and connected to our Creator…..just like we did in the womb.   The joy is overwhelming  and we feel gratitude fill every cell of us when we are in our purpose.  I feel this when I do healings or readings or astrology or write and do videos. My purpose is this.

 Our soul purpose is revealed by Astrology.  Most often I can see someone’s soul purpose in the chart! But it’s up to the person to actuate it.

We only uncover this gift – this purpose through trust.

You see, our purpose and joy is usually buried and hidden under fear. Trust is the antidote. Years of learning that failure is judged and punished, and that loving often leads to disappointment  renders us paralyzed to see the truth within us because we are afraid to look for it. ….lest we fail or be judged or disappoint……so we walk around saying “ I don’t know why I’m here, there must be more”.

Before we can trust anyone or anything we have to turn our trust meter on high for ourselves and the universe. The universe in relation to us and it’s plan for us.

When we begin to see that each experience of pain and negativity that we feel holds wisdom, we see the light within it that our guides and the universe have given us.  Inside the experience, the light of wisdom dissolves our fear. The fear cannot stay because it no longer scares us.  Light renders fear powerlessness.  Yet we often avoid the light. Fear motivates us towards darkness.

When we begin to Iluminate the lesson and what lies behind our fear – our fears begin to evolve one by one and we confront them. That is how trust happens- you exorcise your own demons.

Creator and our guides give us constant opportunity to fear or trust. It is a challenge asking us to step into the full power of purpose and authenticity that we were created to fulfill.  When we choose to stay fearful we deny our birthright.  We turn away from all life was meant to give us. When we choose trust we live a powerful and joyful life. The universe can’t help us if we don’t trust it!

So how do I trust?  First realize, life has nothing to do with trusting another human. Trust is inside of us- its a relationship with us and God, with ourself and the Universe and with me, myself and I! 😊.  The only thing that is ever going to rescue you is you and God. When we ask for assistance and guidance we must assume it is immediately supporting us and pouring forth. Know that no matter what happens you are OK. Whatever happens with your job, finances, relationships, family etc YOU are OK.  Trust this with no judgement or disappointment or fear of loss. Allow the universe to put you where your highest existence is.  TRUST THAT!

That is how you trust!

Then the question is not should I trust this person or situation. It becomes a question of am I in sync with the universal plan for me and is this for my highest good.  Our guides and God become a source of trust. Instead of putting fear in charge.

We are not meant to create our life alone. When we attempt that without trusting the universe, that’s when we experience more fear, loss and judgement. So, take back the control dial on your trust meter. Loosen fears icy grip and start unwrapping the gift of joy and gratitude. It won’t be long before you know what your purpose is and why you are here….trust me…♥️🦋♾🌎

Happy Journey

Peace and love,

Georgia Rose