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Is It possible to live in a world where we become illuminated to love more, understand more and exist in a higher octave of consciousness, simply by absorbing more light and connecting in a higher dimension?

Yes! As Earth moves into a new part of the solar system our planet is being exposed to more light than ever before. These photons are energy, illumination and a higher frequency than we have ever experienced. And this new high frequency light is creating an opportunity man kind has never had before. We all know that throughout history, species of animals and other life forms have evolved, changed, grown or died off through environmental, climate, man made and geographical changes. We may even add divine intervention to the list of circumstances that result in change and evolution. These evolutionary occurrences are evident all around us as different life forms adapt or morph to survive in an ever changing universe.
It would be extremely arrogant if we excluded our human species from the natural order of evolution.
In fact, right now as I write these words and you read this, our species is undergoing a huge evolution that most humans are unaware of. Our planet is moving into a part of the solar system closer to the sun. This is evident with global warming etc, but also evident if you focus on your own body. The annoying symptoms of anxiety, depression and aches and pains like headaches or vertigo have all been chalked up to daily stresses, but what if they were the body processing the new vibration of our earth ‘s new location in the universe. History teaches us that the evolution of a species – the ability to change and adapt to change is directly related to it’s ability to survive or die out. Humans are no different. We can repress and resist change and feel sick or work our energy towards adapting.
As we move closer to the Sun ( a proven fact) and as some theorize closer to the Rings of Alcyone and it’s photon belt ( as yet unproven new age theory) among all the illusion and truth and speculation a few things are certain.
Which ever theory holds true, the fact remains earth is moving towards more light and photonic energy. This energy is a higher vibration than our past energetic fields.
Light IS energy. Not enough and we wither away, too much and we burn out. As the amount of light in earth’s atmosphere increases we are being asked to absorb more light. Our bodies and minds feel this.
How do we adjust to this higher frequency that we are being drawn into? We must open to it without fear.
When our bodies and mind and spirit resist the light coming in and try to vibrate at our old frequency and repel this new higher frequency light, we become exhausted, anxious, angry, frustrated, dissatisfied, our bodies ache, our ears ring, we get dis-ease, our immune systems misfire. As our human species is undergoing a natural evolution meant to increase our potential to absorb more light – we are asked to become illuminated, smarter, higher energy and more loving creatures. For those in lower vibration of fear and anxiety or any negative emotion such as anger or bitterness, the change is much harder.
If you have lived in fear or anxiety for many years when you intuitively feel something changing your initial reaction is fear.
We can’t adapt or evolve from a fear based existence. We only fight for survival there. Whether consciously or unconsciously we fight the light. We all have habits and conditioning that reinforce destructive patterns. This new day, these new times, ask us to work hard to disrupt, let go of and dissolve what keeps us in low vibration. In reality our survival as a species depends on our ability to shed what does not allow more light in.
Allowing in the light means allowing in love.
Sometimes we think we are being light and allowing light to accelerate in our lives and its an illusion. For instance, maybe we are a “good person” – we give so much love to others and spend much time giving away our light to family and loved ones. But we do not give light to ourselves or make our own nourishment of light a priority- in living thus we are blocking light. We are not absorbing light or receiving enough of it for our own being. This leads to the imbalances that causes our dis- ease and anxieties mentioned before.
These times of evolution – of higher frequency, require us to care for and grow and evolve our own bodies and minds and spirit. We need to feed on light until our hearts and minds are full. This is a Renaissance of self love and care. We are being asked to absorb a higher content of light in order to survive. We can not do that if we give all or too much of our light away or have little focus on our own vessel. That is a recipe for extinction.
Another recipe for extinction is those of lower vibration who hold anger and resentment for things that occurred when we were in lower frequencies. Especially those who act out their wounds on others causing pain and destruction.
Allowing our being to absorb more light will bring a higher vibration of love that allows forgiveness and cleansing of the past.
This elevates us to a new way of being. In harmony and love. Again bringing more power to our human species and evolution to higher beings. As we absorb more light and a higher level of compassion we must send it out to those in lower vibration so they too have an opportunity to vibe higher.

How do we respond to this call to absorb more light?

1. Be conscious of self care and your vibration. Open to more love by responding positively and avoiding negative reaction rooted in past conditioning.
2. Evaluate what is valuable to you. What supports and contributes to the absorption of more light in your life? Release that which dims you!
3. Spend at least 15 – 20 min per day in white light either Sun or Moon absorbing the rays- even if you sit in a window or car at lunch let light enter you. This helps to recalibrate you and sync your vibration with the new cosmic frequency.
4. Spend more time in laughter and things that bring you joy. Including self love and connection in every day. Whatever that is – sewing, reading, walking , the gym, surfing, pets, astrology, meditation – what is “your thing”?
5. Spend time in a regular spiritual practice of connection to a higher power – meditation, drumming, study, any activity that connects you to Spirit.

We all have a responsibility to nurture ourselves through these changing times.
If we don’t step up, and evolve as a species and become higher beings existing in more light our human race will suffer.
We are all being tasked with the role of “light workers’ in these times. Saving the planet means saving yourself first, humanity will follow accordingly. Because in the end its not about “you” its about “us”, and you are one of us!

Take part in the Renaissance- join the wave – absorb more light – evolve to the new way of being beyond the 5 senses.

A world where we become illuminated to love more, understand more and exist in a higher octave of consciousness simply by absorbing more light and connecting in a higher dimension is available to us now!
Peace and love, Georgia Rose