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Lions Gate and the New Moon in Leo is a powerful energy of new frequencies that will end many Karmic relationships for us.

As the lions gate and new moon bring in higher frequencies of love, we have an opportunity to experience transformation. When we think of our Karmic relationships we think of the relationships we have with others. But Karmic connections deep within us may also be a situation, place, belief or conditioning. The message I am receiving from the cosmos is that for many of us (as these new frequencies are absorbed and integrated into our being) the energies in our lives that have shown us we are not good enough or made us feel less than, stagnant or blocked from our full potential will suddenly lose power. The hold these Karmic bonds have had on us for many lifetimes will be easier to dissolve and heal during this Lions Gate portal, which we are now in.

The energy of release and new beginnings is especially potent on the new moon of August 8th.

It is time to examine to whom or what we have handed over the magic wand of our self worth. Is your value and the opinion you have of yourself tied to another person, a place, an institution, an accomplishment, a material measure, or your appearance? Our true value is only determined by us! What we believe in our soul is the karma we create for ourselves. This karma is activated by our energy and appears in our reality. Take your magic wand???? back, it was created for YOUR hand where it is most powerful. Allow the power of Lions Gate, to show you your future and your potential. Use this energy to create the reality you desire. A reality that matches the value you place on your own worth.

As the Pyramids of Gaza line up with brightest fixed Star Sirius to empower the Leo Sun with the frequency of freedom and self love, we have a grand opportunity to dissolve the deep karmic bonds of persecution and self betrayal.

We betray ourselves when we allow other humans and situations to tell us who we are and mistakenly think that is our worth. Open to new frequencies to enlighten a new way and broader perspective. Let these new frequencies bring you higher love! The New Moon in Leo on August 8th will show you who you are. Empower your self belief. When you feel the true essence of your birth and what you were born to do your heart recognizes new love frequencies. This often causes your heart to skip and miss beats as it calibrates to be in sync to the being you are meant to be. In effect you are “remembering’ the energy your soul has been created in. Tired body and racing mind may also be a symptom of this energy compelling you to open your soul. When tired the universe wants you in quiet retrospection to better connect with love for yourself by clearing away what does not support you. Look within during this time and allow Spirit/the Universe/God to direct you. The energy is potent and our creator has given us this time so we understand how miraculous our souls are and bask in love and gratitude for them. We are not meant to squander this lifetime on worry and self betrayal. We are meant to move away from that which hurts us, diminishes us and deprives us from alignment with our soul’s desire. Events will occur to create this understanding in our reality. (things fall away, healing crisis are activated.) Use this powerful and remarkable energy for the next 10 days to springboard into that which you have previously not found the strength to do. The karmic cords that have held you are easier to cut now as these higher frequencies of love are in the air. ( A beautiful monarch butterfly just flew by my face as I wrote this). Signs are plentiful. The Lions Gate Portal compels you into new energy which can be powerful and cause physical sensations that are challenging to integrate but if we flow with the energy it will assist us to break through our resistant karma to create new karma. Practice daily quiet time and drink lots of water. walk barefoot in the sand or grass, absorb sun and moon light. Sync yourself with the vibe of nature to calibrate this new energy.
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