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New Moon In Gemini at 9⁰ May 30th 2022 7:30 Am EST

Monday May 30th at 7:30 am we have a New Moon In Gemini. This New Moon is all about communication and information in a strong and powerful way both personally and for the world. Heavily influenced by Aries energy with Mars moving into Aries on May 25th and Jupiter moving into Aries the day the New Moon on May 29th . This is a rare opportunity where we find these 2 gamechangers, Jupiter and Mars, in the first degrees of Aries which is the first sign of the zodiac! This is known as a World Point, 0 Aries represents zero point energy or NEW energy, creation, fresh beginnings, think, the day the earth was created energy, think the day I was created type of birthing energy!

With the planets aligned thus it is a great time for invention, innovation, birth and of course reinvention and rebirth.

New Moons are the luminaries that bring new things into our lives. Set intentions within this Gemini moon and powerful Aries ignition to solidify your future. This can bring you into a new level of higher being and authentic consciousness. In other words it is the best time ever, to step into who you are here to be and take steps to live that life!

Get out of repetitive thoughts – the ones that take your energy day after day like a Merry Go Round.

Use the Aries fire to burn away negative especially negative self talk. Take that fire and use it to create and reinvent the life you want! Fir can burn and it can nourish, it is up to us how we contain and use it. The last time Jupiter was here in the position in our charts was June 2010 and Jan 2011.

This is liberation and personal growth, use those lessons from 12 years ago to move yourself forward during this upwards vortex.

We have Uranus which represents the higher mind and Mercury which is our lower minds and daily routines sitting next to the North Node which is our purpose and our destiny in this lifetime – if we do the work to actually live it. This means creativity and our ability to create as directed by our higher purpose is heightened.
This indicates we can move towards a higher level in this energy if we consciously focus and choose to use this opportunity wisely.

If all this creative energy is not a big enough gift from the Universe for you…wait there is more!

The amazing asteroid Manwe is also sitting at 0⁰ Aries, the World Point of creation. Manwe’ is the highest intelligence of Divine Source outside the dimension of time. It is the “Buddha Mind”! So if you get serious and spend time in meditation or contemplation working on the things deep within your soul you will most likely get ideas, revelations and channels you have never experienced before! With the South Node in Scorpio digging deep will offer rewards like never before, divinely guided insights for healing! Think resurrection!

It would also be common in this energy to receive galactic and off planet channels and messages. I know many are getting these now.

On a collective and global scale this is a time that can be aggressive and chaotic with the Aries Fire dominating the information and communicative Gemini moon. Especially with Mercury RX until June 3rd glitches and computer communications can be activated to mis fire and malfunction. So back up and double check important things and travel plans. People can be cranky and aggressive or very full of impulsive energy.
Stay away from the fireworks light a beautiful candle and center yourself instead.

The world is a beehive of activity now but remember not everything put in front of us deserves our attention!!

It is a fabulous time to get done the projects that you have procrastinated on in your material life. AND it is an especially good time to move your soul forward with higher consciousness and focus on the divine energy of healing and reconciliation to lead your best life.
The Gemini New Moon will give you new ideas and new perspectives and Mars and Jupiter in Aries will give you the FIRE to activate! What is your Next Level? It is time to level up!

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