I rush to set up the Reiki table and light the room full of candles as it is almost time for my special ladies to come for the monthly “Pink Circle” at Georgia Rose Connection.  This Pink Circle I originally created as a give back for Cancer patients and survivors has become an amazing journey for me. I turn on the stereo to fill the room with soft meditation music and the mood is set.  As I bend over to  place a crystal grid under the Reiki table I feel the energy in the room change as I silently invoke all the Archangels, my Guides and Spirit to bring healing energy into this space.

I sit quietly channeling my energy, raising my vibration and connecting with Spirit as my source to do this healing work. I wait for the doorbell to ring…
I love this night. I have learned so much from these beautiful ladies in their different stages of challenge, dis- ease, life and healing.  I feel so privileged  to  be around them and when I experience their energy fields through Reiki I am sometimes overwhelmed. This night has become so popular with the ladies they look forward to it. Their numbers are growing and so my friend Karen a fellow Reiki practitioner has been enlisted to help me.

Karen and I have grown closer from these nights. Entwining our energy with Spirit to heal has brought a reverence to our friendship.  As though we leave this world for a bit and step into a beautiful place where we float between worlds.

Material and physical are no longer relevant as only feeling and felt sense take over. The work is tiring but amazing. I anticipate the joy and beauty and love I am about to experience.

Part of me is still in awe that I get to do this! The experiences have given me clarity as to what is real in life.  That is an unbelievable gift to be ever so grateful for.

As a survivor of Cancer and of life challenges I am open to knowing what each person needs when they get on the Reiki table.  As an empath I feel them, their pain, their emotions. If I touch their hands I feel their life work. From their brow and skull I feel their worry. From their heart I feel their grief and their joy. Their shoulders sometimes carry weight and burdens not theirs. Their  bellies sometimes hold fear.  Their feet need grounding and their hearts need healing.  Their joints need relief.  My hands  know where to go…the energy guides them.
Each person is so different no matter how many souls I touch.  Its amazing to feel someones strength and bravery and suffering and joy.  It teaches you to revere life.  It makes you humble.  It makes you compassionate. It puts life in perspective. It heals your heart.  It has healed mine.
Reiki has given me a life purpose and has been my awakener from Spirit.  Each person I have ever given Reiki to has been a gift from God, an experience to be cherished. To feel someone’s essence whatever it brings is beyond imagination.  I heal. I learn.  I am.

Finally the doorbell rings and Karen arrives and a group of ladies come in  behind her. Everyone is hugging and saying hello, happy to meet or reunite for this beautiful supportive “love in”.
As I stand in my kitchen one of the ladies comes over to me. She is beautiful in her perfect wig and red lipstick and dress with a vibrant rose flower print. I can feel her strength and bravery as she stands near. She looks in my eyes, hers are crystal clear with the beginning of tears pricking the corners.  I recognize her from last month.  She opens her arms to me and says “I want to thank you because you healed my heart” . I stare open mouthed.  “You felt my grief” , she stated, “I never mourned my father”.  After whatever you did last time I was able to do that and the pain I have had in my heart for years is gone. I can’t thank you enough, you have a beautiful gift.”  I was speechless. This beautiful lady in the fight of her life, battling a disease that too many times wins could never know that she was standing here healing my heart. “It wasn’t me, it was Reiki ” I respond inadequately.  There is no response needed we both know we are in a sacred space.  We hug in pure love and gratitude. 

In my mind I think..I am such a lucky person to feel this, to be here in this moment..thank you God for allowing me to be of service. Love. I feel love. I helped this person. I am helped.

It is time to start the meditation. The room is abuzz with the gaggle of us talking and laughing. The meditation brings the energy down and after ward there is a reverence in the room a hushed silence takes over as the background music brings us further into a calm vibe . One by one the ladies take turns on the table to receive Reiki from Karen and I. Karen and I work through hushed whispers and eye contact. We just have to look at each other to know we are feeling the same things from the same places on the ladies bodies and from their energy fields. We do not know their stories, each one is a stranger. But somehow as they lay on our table we are joined in an intimacy deeper than any of our 5 senses could bring. As we are humbled and awestruck to be in their energy field we read their essence through our energy, we FEEL them. Every experience, feeling and emotion is imprinted in their energy. The places that need our attention , that need healing through Spirit are the things that are shown to Karen and I.
We work on areas as needed. We pour white light into the areas where the surgeons knife has been even though no one has told us. We can feel the stomach ailments and headaches chemo has left, even though no one has complained of them. We can feel the joint pain from years of burdens and toil. We can feel the heartache and grief from losses. We can feel the strength and resolve and bravery in their hearts too.
An older woman of about 80 gets on the table. I take her hand in mine. I can feel the work these hands have done. The children reared, the diapers changed, the foreheads felt, the meals cooked, the dishes cleaned, the aprons tied, the cakes baked, the laundry hung, the children and grandchildren rocked,,,, all with a deep abiding Mothers’ love. I honor her life work by invoking healing in her body. I ask Spirit to ease her suffering and reward her for all she has given her family and this earth. I look up at Karen and I know her thoughts are a mirror of mine, we can feel the energy between us. I silently invoke the energy of Divine Mother Mary and the Goddess Kwan Yin to nuture this beautiful woman as she has nutured so many. When it is time for her to get off the table she is crying and telling us she saw her Mother come to her and she is moved to deep emotion and joy at this as she has missed her own Mother long passed.
We are all moved to tears. The evening continues as each person experiences something different. Sometimes when Karen and I need a bit of a break we hold our hands up palm to palm to give and receive more energy from each other. We tell each other “I love you ” as our eyes lock. We both know that is the energy that heals, rejuvenates, renews. It is love. Love eclipses all.
There are hugs all around and gratitude as the evening is ended. When I look in the eyes and faces who have come I see very different eyes and faces leaving. I see relief and calm. I see healing has taken place. The spiritual energy of Reiki has changed their energy. Their dis- ease has been somewhat eased. We have given comfort to their discomfort.
As I close my front door my heart is so full of joy. I could not be more grateful for my life. I get to see things and feel things few do. These ladies think I help them but in truth they give me a far greater gift. They show me how precious life is. They show me what is real. They make me believe in God. They give me hope and purpose.
They have healed MY heart!

Peace and love,
Georgia Rose

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