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The planet Saturn will be retrograde from June 4, 2022 to October 28, 2022 in the sign of Aquarius. If you look on your natal chart to determine what house Aquarius rules in your chart it will give you an idea of what area of your life this transit will impact for you personally. Wherever that is expect change involving themes of security and restriction.

Saturn likes us to take responsibility.

Mainly this planet interprets the word “responsibility” as meaning “respond to our ability”. In other words, the places we take for granted in our lives will now be highlighted for us to respect them more. For example if you are irresponsible with money, Saturn will place restrictions on you in a harsh way to enable you to learn to respect money and treat it differently. It does the same with relationships. If you do not set boundaries with the people in your life Saturn will come in and make those boundaries intolerable in some way so you have to step up. Or perhaps you are leaning to much on someone or something for security “to keep you safe” and not asserting your independence. Saturn will create a loss, so you have to stand on your own two feet. Harsh situations will come to force our hand – if we don’t take control of these things ourselves. Saturn wants us to “grow up” “step up” and be self effective.

Saturn wants us to step into our potential and lead ourselves.

Wherever we allow other people or other things and situations to create our identity or condition us to be something we ultimately are not supposed to be, Saturn comes in to crumble – so we absolutely have to find our true identity and purpose. When Saturn is retrograde these changes are amplified for 2 reasons. 1. When a planet is retrograde it is closer to earth and therefore we feel its presence stronger and its energy effects us more strongly. 2. When Saturn is retrograde, the planet Uranus is in charge where Saturn used to be the stronger of the two forces..

Uranus likes to shake us up, destroy the old and bring in new!


This Saturn retrograde will bring sudden abrupt changes because it is in the sign of Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus, thus the energy of Uranus and its sudden abrupt change is even more dramatic. This accelerates the whole process of Saturn that I described above. It is accelerated for all of us on the planet now. This will play out in many people feeling fearful as their old structures of security crumble. As boundaries we rely on – even unhealthy ones change we feel ungrounded and disoriented until we find new ground. But remember these things are happening to bring us into our full potential. However, that does not negate the feeling of hyperactivity and desperation you can feel as an under current in our world now. The best course is to go within and strengthen your identity without outside “noise”.

Saturn Retrogrades are created to show us where we confuse security with restriction.

Where is it in your life that you believe something is your security, maybe even your survival- but in reality it is restricting you from being your true self and reaching full potential?
Well, that place is about to “get real”. Although the change may be difficult, the end result is something so rewarding and beautiful you will be grateful for the bumpy ride. THAT – is the purpose of Saturn- to get us to come into self leadership and create our true identity without outside influence. Saturn wants us to be strong and secure within ourselves and know we understand the work we are tasked with in order to accomplish our true path.

The best way to ride a Saturn Rx and use this energy is to step into our power on our own without the Universe stepping in to harshly crumble any structures that are a false security.

The universe is supporting you in self leadership now!

So Step up and take responsibility! Respond to your Ability! Do your Saturn!

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