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Working from home can be an acquired talent believe it or not. Even the most disciplined workers can find themselves distracted by the mundane like laundry and cleaning chores. Add in a little social media and its lunch time and nothing is done on your work list!

These short tips may help you establish a more productive work – life balance and routine. 

 Clear clutter-  Create a work space exclusively for your business. By creating an inviting environment your  enjoyment of the space, motivates you to be in “work mode”. Your attitude and focus will improve.

Keep a schedule- Structure creates focus and reduces distractions. Creating a ritual for office hours, even from home will give you an anchor to your day and less time to worry. Eat meals at regular times too.

Setting a scheduled time for bed and a wake up alarm daily, will also bring balance. Its important to put your body and mind on a productive schedule to create less time for worry and anxiety or simple day dreaming to overwhelm you. This also prevents over/ under sleep and over/under eating. Everyone needs a schedule even newborn babies, or things get out of control! So be good to yourself – eat and sleep regularly and set your work day.

Exercise-  Take a walk around the block or do yoga. Workout the same time daily.  The brain and body need fresh air, sun and movement to activate your immune system, Even doing simple stretches will improve mood and reduce stress . Just get moving! It will keep the creative juices flowing for your marketing and business ideas!

Socialize and Reach Out to Clients  People need people, in daily life and especially during challenges. Working on your database and letting past clients know you are committed to innovative ways to service them and keep them informed will lift your psyche and theirs.  Make it upbeat. When we help others it alleviates anxiety and raises our vibration to feel good.   And I am sure they will remember a heart felt conversation  when it comes time to refer you.

                                                      Stay Well – Calm – Focused- Breathe – Exhale