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We all have times when life is frustrating and overwhelming and we want to run away.

I felt that way, when Spirit gave me these words one very early morning…

May they inspire ….Enjoy – Georgia Rose



The house is quiet

Daylight has come.

I should be peaceful,

But I want to run.

Away somewhere to life in the hills,

Where fresh air and green keep me still.

Away from the hustle and chaos of man,

Grasping and feeding everywhere we can.

I want to take energy from the stars

To create a life that honors what we are.

Beings of love between earth and sky

Forging connections with all eyes.

To see truth in a majestic Universe

Born for man’s pleasure and melodic verse

Not for us to deprive and make worse.

From Creators heart infused with love

this world is a gift from above.


We push and shove against its walls

We rail and cry, when suffering calls.

Yet all it takes is a “perfect fall”

To show us how guided we are in it all.


The answer is not to fear, but to flow.

Release the harness and let it go.

Give free reign to Spirit’s hand

Drop your guard and big demands.

Freedom is not found in a closed fist

But in a heart open to its gift.

Peace is not on a mountain or away at sea.

It is found in the stars and in the eyes of you and me.

It takes a steady unfurled hand

To understand the heart of every man.

So, set aside this urge to run,

Be what you are born to become.

Join your heart with Creator’s

To know the love you ache for.


Stop complaining about your lack

While in a Universe that has your back.

God is good and true.

He never forgets about you…

But you do.

You are a miraculous creature

Let your beautiful soul lead you.

Remember who you are

And live in glory under your stars.

They shine for you, and light

Your power to take flight.

Not to run away or fight

But to fly towards your greatest height.

Waste not, want not, as they say-

Honor the gift of today.

Be brave and true

Step into the power that is you!


Georgia Rose   11/28/19

Jupiter in last degrees of Sagittarius, Mars transiting Scorpio opposite Uranus.

Lesson : Use despair to fuel your goals and fly higher. <3