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I received these words in mid December 2019
At the time I thought them a simple channel, but now I think it may have been a prophecy about our current global pandemic.

The Golden Hour

Bathed In Golden Light
Warm Waters, Give Clear Site
Music Softly Plays Within
A Song Of My Own Rhythm
My Notes Silenced By Pain
Now Finally Sing Again.

No Judgement Here Or Unkind Words
Only Grace So Well Deserved.
A Hero’s Journey, An Epic Tale
To Strengthen A Soul, Once Thought Frail
To Push Through Storms And Dark Nights
Until Dead Calm Brings New Fright.

A Terror Never Lived So Great
As The One Our Minds Create
In Stony Denial, We Freeze It Out
And Banish It To The Sea Of Doubt.
Pushed Aside Fear Still Thrives
It Pulsates Truth That Eats Us Alive.

Never Only Darkness, But Always Light
As Shadow Illuminates Our Fright
The Dark Night Then Is Anything But
As The Light Deepens The Swords Cut.

Bathed In Golden Light
Warm Waters, Give Clear Sight.

Golden Hearts Are Pierced Aware
As Spirits Light Comes to Bear
Mercy On The Soul Once Neglected
In His Compassion We Are Resurrected
To Understand The Opening
A Soul Requires For Strengthening
Tension Stretches To Burst The Bubble
Of False Vibration And Endless Struggle
Only When The Bubble Bursts
Do We See Our First Choice.

First A Pleading For God’s Help
A Bargain And Promise Before We Melt
In A Heap of Spent Emotion
We Find The Meaning Of Devotion
A Heart Must Bleed To Be Open
Love Flows Then And Our Call Is Tendered
The Antidote Is Always Surrender.
Healing The Earth On Every Level
Takes Much Upheaval And Causes Peril.
We Fight Grief And Endless Tears
Run In Circles From Our Fears
Yet Where Great Stillness Abounds
All Answers Are To Be Found:
“Sit In The Void Of Cold Silence
Until It Warms Your Past Pretenses
And All That Which Is Beyond Your Senses
To Find Me In Stellar Connection
And Be In Complete Divine Reception
With Each and Every Dimension.”

“Bathed In Golden Light
Warm Waters Give Clear Sight
A Hero’s Journey For The Soul
Discover This And Be Whole
The Masses Will Cry Out For Me
In Golden Light They Will Finally See
That Only In Oneness, Your Cry Is Heard
Throughout All Time And My World.”

December 15, 2019 – Georgia Rose