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When you reach the point of humility where your heart is in complete service to the world there are things that become very clear. Stepping into my calling as a modern day mystic and clarion is not about me. It is not about you either. It is not about any one individual, it is about the many, the critical mass and the ALL.
Those few who have been one with God know this. It is impossible to experience Samahti, Gods presence in connection to all and not undergo a great shift of focus.
Some, although wrapped in good intention are ruled by vanity.

Motivation when noble but served with a side of “look at me”  is a meal best avoided

Diluting your main course only leads to more hunger.
Why look to the other for satisfaction when it dwells within you in connection to your creator.
The most powerful sustenance is not delivered by another but by cooperation with the universe and union with the source who created everything.  Humbly so. When you understand you are nothing without that, your path will change. Time becomes sacred. In fact you waste nothing.
That path is very clear to me. It is lit by truth and illuminated by faith. A faith that guides my work now.

There is no time for expectation or obligation. The work, the calling is more important now.

It has become an ever shifting evolving highway of light touching whoever and whatever it is meant to. So, do not think of yourself, if I have walked with you or sat with you or loved and connected with you for a bit and moved on. Perhaps others needed me and perhaps I needed another’s’ light. Remember it’s not about me -it’s not about you- the call of my work is bigger than any of that. So, let’s not be so vain or so motivated by comfort. Let’s not indulge our sentiment or childlike wounds. Time is too sacred for the clutter of anger or resentment. Bitterness will only corrode your path. Instead let’s love each other and all the others who came before us and those who will come after us. An ever evolving all no part greater or less than any other. The universe is not built only on our moment in time but on the sacredness of all moments. It is the energy that unfolds in limitless eternal love to create us. In connection with the love of Creator our path is clarified, confirmed and bathed in grace. Be grateful as I am for that.
Move forward, keep going, experience more.
Know that I am down the path giving comfort, healing and kindness to another in need.
And sending it out to you too.

It is my calling, a force greater than you or I. It is bigger than any one of us.

It is as big as all.