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1. Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s – Walking just over 1/4 Mile daily reduces your risk.

2. Tones Muscles – Strengthens legs, butt, calves, quads and hamstrings.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure — Also Improves Overall Heart Health

4. Better Colon Health – 15 min a Day Reduces Colon Cancer by 31% in Woman

5. Mood Changer – 30 -45 min per day decreases depression

6. Fight Glaucoma – Walking 3x or more per week relieves eye pressure

7. Control Your Weight – 1 hour per day with a standard diet helps maintain weight

8. Healthier Bones- 30 Min per day can reduce hip fractures by 30%

9. Lowers Blood Sugar – 20 – 30 min walk lowers blood sugar for 24 hours

10. Improves Lungs – Increases breath rate, expands lungs and boosts immunity!

Walking as a meditation can bring calm and peace to our life. By grounding ourselves in nature we align your body with the earth and find gratitude. Focus on each step as you touch the ground and synchronize the breath with each step. Observe sensations. Find peace and beauty in nature!

 Stay Well – Calm – Focused- Breathe – Exhale