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Why hire Georgia Rose?

Georgia Rose — Entrepreneur, inspirational being, psychic intuitive, healer, author and creator of  Zencuda is available for select Public Speaking Engagements and Motivational Workshops for small groups or Corporate Events.

How does one create a life of passion and bliss? 

Georgia Rose always relied on a strong faith in Spirit, accurate intuition and pure determination to triumph over many of life’s challenges. In 2010 while facing her own mortality she underwent a transformation which began a journey of soul connection that changed her life!  The wisdom and experience of that journey is ” Zencuda”! Today Georgia has become a healer and advocate for many people who suffer from illness and disease in their daily life. By sharing her stories and wisdom she will educate and motivate your group with tears and laughter. Georgia‘s wit and compassion connect to the audience in an authentic and engaging way that is motivating and heart-stirring. Whether you invite her as a psychic healer or corporate speaker to your event expect a shift in your reality.
  • Group Reiki  Healing Circles and Meditations
  • Group Psychic Events
  • Mindfulness for Business Seminars
  • Meditation Workshops
  • Zencuda Full Day Workshop – Creating the life you desire

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A philosophy, a lifestyle, an experience, an embodiment of a feeling

— It’s a way of life.